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Toscano Energy

Toscano Energy, under the umbrella of Dündarlar Group, provides project design, construction and technical services for energy production with solar panels.

“Toscano Energy, which adopts the principle of “clean energy” by combining the experience of Dündarlar Group for more than a quarter century with the mission of the future, aims to be a pioneer in its sector like other Dündarlar brands.”



Our team of experts in the field of solar energy works for an accessible solar energy.

The Source of our Transformation Energy From the Sun!

We offer a service beyond what you expect from solar panels! We offer a service beyond what you expect from solar panels! With a wide range of services for all your Solar Power Plant (SPP) investments: we carry out a detailed exploration process starting from energy consumption analysis to layout simulation and system design. In addition, we facilitate our customers’ investment processes by providing financial consultancy and appropriate financing solutions. We ensure the reliability and highest efficiency of the system with after-sales energy production monitoring and regular maintenance services. We prioritize our customers’ satisfaction by offering them environmentally friendly and renewable energy alternatives.

Land and Roof Analysis

Choosing the appropriate land and roof for solar energy systems is critical for efficiency. We analyze your roof with our expert teams and offer you the most suitable solution.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are of great importance for the successful realization of solar energy projects.

This analysis is carried out meticulously by Toscano Energy teams, taking into account customer needs.

Technical Design and Planning

Proper design and planning of the solar energy system is vital to the success of the project.

With over 137 successfully completed projects, Toscano Energy offers the most suitable solutions for your needs.

Project Permit Application and Approval Processes

We provide consultancy on all legal processes you need about the legal permission and approval processes of solar energy projects and provide support to our customers.

Static and Electrical Design

Static and electrical project design is important for the solar energy system to operate safely and efficiently. We offer project design, installation and post-installation services to our customers.

Field Mobilization

The supply of quality solar equipment is critical to the success of the project. 29 years of Dündarlar trust is an important value that Toscano Energy continues to maintain.

Product Supply - Import / Purchasing

Importing all the products you need for your solar energy system - purchasing services are meticulously managed by Toscano Energy.

Logistics and Transportation Coordination

The coordination of logistics and transportation in your solar energy projects is planned by Toscano Energy and all processes are coordinated from a single point.

Toscano Energy for All Your Energy Investments

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